It is known that today a violation of the sleep is considered as a frequent phenomenon and is a serious clinical problem that in most cases requires special diagnostics and treatment. Nowadays, a drug with a new chemical structure – Ambien occupies one of the most significant places in modern therapy of insomnia.

The major symptoms of insomnia to detect the disease

Here you can find the insomnia criteria which will help you to understand if there is a serious problem and you need to visit a doctor:

  • regular delays with sleep (> 30 minutes)
  • 3 or more awakenings at night and difficulty with falling asleep
  • insufficient overall sleep duration (<6 hours 30 minutes daily)
  • early wake up in the morning
  • combination of the indicated symptoms
  • poor sleep quality
  • non-restorative sleep
  • feeling unwell due to daytime sleepiness

How does Ambien effect?

In general, Ambien is a hypnotic agent. By exciting specific receptors in some parts of the brain, it has a calming, anticonvulsant and relaxing effect on the human organism and reduces the feeling of anxiety. The main effects of this medicament are about:

  • shortening the time of falling asleep
  • reducing the number of nightly awakenings
  • increasing the duration of sleep and improves its quality.

It is established that the intake of Ambien, as a rule, is not accompanied by side effects. But before starting to use it, read carefully the patient package insert. For getting some information about it, go on the site

Among the side effects such as dizziness, headache, residual drowsiness, dyspeptic disorders, the effects on the central nervous system should be highlighted, accompanied by the possible occurrence of anterograde amnesia.

The mechanism of the paradoxical psychotic action of Ambien has not been studied in detail. The ability of this drug to cause habituation and the formation of drug dependence (mental and physical) with long-term use (more than 4 weeks) was noted, thus forming favorable conditions for possible abuse and uncontrolled use of the drug.

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